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Magnificent Metal Monday – Unique Use of Steel in Design

Steel gives way for design to have a “majestic, yet sleek look.”

Photo Credit: Metal Architecture; Hemant Patil, Pune, Maharashtra, India

As featured in Metal Architecture, the Sailboat Pavilion is an iconic structure at a seaplane terminal in Maharashtra, India, and features a sloped roof with curved beams that soar above ground level. The structure is wrapped with perforated louver screens, giving it the appearance of a sailboat’s full sails. At the roof’s highest point, on the coast-facing side, three columns angle down to the ground and attach to a single point, forming a triangle, which resembles a boat anchor. The dramatic architecture is the vision of Nashik, India-based Rohan Deore Architects. To achieve the soaring composition with its curvilinear form, anchor and sails, the design specified hollow metal sections in the roof and a variety of other distinct details.

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