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In Less than 3 Hours … Learn How to Manage OSHA Inspections TODAY at 4:00 pm EST

METALCONFOCUS® Managing OSHA Inspections Webinar TODAY at 4:00 PM EST – REGISTER HERE

Wayne E. Pinkstone, labor and employment attorney with Fox Rothschild LLP, says, “An employer can best handle an OSHA inspection by following two simple rules. First, BE PREPARED for the possibility of an OSHA inspection, no matter how properly your business is operated. Second, if and when an OSHA inspector does arrive at your business, DON’T PANIC.”

Don’t be afraid of OSHA knocking at your door — be prepared! REGISTER and attend today’s METALFOCUS Safety Training course and learn:

– What triggers an OSHA inspection 
– How to be prepared 
– How to handle the arrival of inspector & opening conference 
– Tips on what to do and not do during the inspection tour
– The closing conference and inspection follow-up

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Join us in 3 Hours for Safety Training Course on Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting and Investigation Training TODAY at 4:00 PM ESTREGISTER HERE

EHS Today, the leading US magazine for environmental, health and safety management professionals in the manufacturing, construction, and service sectors, says, “Incident reporting doesn’t only benefit an organization by improving safety. It’s a vehicle for all-encompassing growth and improvement.”

Today’s METALFOCUS Safety Training course will provide:

– Purpose & value of incident reporting & investigation 
– What incidents must be reported to OSHA 
– Questions that your report needs to answer 
– Processes of information gathering & storytelling 
– Analysis unsafe acts: multiple causation theory and contributing factors

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