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Magnificent Metal Monday – Unique Use of Steel in Design

Steel gives way for design to have a “majestic, yet sleek look.”

Photo Credit: Metal Architecture; Hemant Patil, Pune, Maharashtra, India

As featured in Metal Architecture, the Sailboat Pavilion is an iconic structure at a seaplane terminal in Maharashtra, India, and features a sloped roof with curved beams that soar above ground level. The structure is wrapped with perforated louver screens, giving it the appearance of a sailboat’s full sails. At the roof’s highest point, on the coast-facing side, three columns angle down to the ground and attach to a single point, forming a triangle, which resembles a boat anchor. The dramatic architecture is the vision of Nashik, India-based Rohan Deore Architects. To achieve the soaring composition with its curvilinear form, anchor and sails, the design specified hollow metal sections in the roof and a variety of other distinct details.

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METALCONLive! and Metal Architecture Team Up – Register for FREE Webinar and Earn 1 AIA Credit

METALCON has been serving the metal design and build community for 30 years. Despite having to postpone our in-person event last year, our commitment to be the source for ongoing learning opportunities remains strong through our virtual programming. Tomorrow, the first of our FREE METALCONLive! at Metal Architecture series kicks off at 1:00 pm EST with award-winning architect Barry Alan Yoakum, FAIA, principal of archimania speaking on “Civitas and the Role of Metal in Meeting a Zero Carbon World.” Our other initiatives include the METALCON Business Academy (MBA), METALFOCUS Safety Certification Program, and Technical Topics from the Metal Construction Association.


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Magnificent Metal Monday – Zero Carbon World

METALCONLive! and Metal Architecture will kick off its unique series of webinars THIS Wednesday, January 13 at 1:00 pm EST with “Civitas and the Role of Metal in Meeting a Zero Carbon World.” So what is a zero carbon world and why is it important? Zero carbon means that no carbon emissions are being produced from a product/service e.g. zero-carbon electricity could be provided by a 100% renewable energy supplier. Put simply, “net zero” means we are not adding new emissions to the atmosphere. Emissions will continue, but will be balanced by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere.

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Metal in Architecture – Civitas Case Study

Civitas; Photo credit: archamania

Metal Architecture at METALCONLive! is kicking off a new series of webinars aimed at showcasing projects that illustrate the beauty, durability, efficiency, and sustainability of metal. The first live session is scheduled for next Wednesday, January 13 at 1:00 EST and will explore Civitas and the role of metal in meeting a zero carbon world by guest speaker and renowned architect, Barry Yoakum. So what is Civitas? According to its creator and owner, Mr. Yoakum explains, “Civitas is poised to become the first certified zero energy/zero carbon single-family home in the Americas. Positioned overlooking the Mississippi River, the project involves its site fully, connecting interior and exterior and private property with community space. It is a case study house that focuses on balancing the challenges of cultural norms, climatic concerns, resiliency, and adaptability.”

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Magnificent Metal Monday

ConstructConnect‘s Top 5 Coolest Buildings of 2020

Despite the pandemic, construction carried on and the “top lists” of this year’s architectural marvels are rolling in. ConstructConnect‘s criteria for inclusion on their list boiled down to the following items: The building had to have been substantially completed, topped out, or opened within the calendar year and had to have some aspect that makes the building “cool.” What does this mean? In their terms, it can range from the architecture, sustainability elements, unique construction methods, technology, building materials used, cultural impact, or some combination of these elements. This year, “cool” appears equivalent to “sustainability” along with an “eye on the future.”

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