3-D Printing Will Disrupt All Industries

3d_touch_3d_printer (1)

It’s been probably a month or so since I touched on 3-D printing and the metal construction industry. With that being said why am I saying that 3-D Printing will disrupt all industries? Well, let’s start with a distribution/logistics company that is getting involved, can you guess who? If you guessed  Continue reading

ATAS International Inc. Introduces Perimeter Edge Systems For Low-Slope Roofs


Allentown, PA – ATAS International Inc. announces the addition of a complete line of ES-1 tested metal perimeter edge systems to their extensive product line.  Continue reading

METALCON Marks its 25th Anniversary with a Huge Success

Newton, MA, October 30, 2015 –   True to its 25-year record of being the best place to introduce new products, METALCON drew eager buyers to see all the new offerings from more than 260 exhibiting companies.  Continue reading

How Harley-Davidson became ‘King of the Road’


The “Man Behind the Brand” will share his story as METALCON Keynote Speaker

NEWTON, Mass. (September 11, 2015) – Do you ever consider how your customers perceive your business? You should and you should do it every day, all day long. Clyde Fessler, one-time vice president of business development at Harley-Davidson, is the scheduled keynote speaker at METALCON. He will present his methods of success at the Tampa Convention Center on Wednesday, October 14.  Continue reading

Construction Workers can have Fun too

Looks like these guys were having a good time. Good thing no one got hurt and it was all fun and games at the job site.

Prove Them Wrong

Inspirational Thursday to help navigate your day. Remember Prove Them Wrong.

Continue reading

How a Metal Roof is Similar to your Cell Phone



So, yes you may be asking yourself what has gotten into the people at METALCON to even make such a comparison. You have to hear us out on this topic though because it makes perfect sense

Continue reading

Boosting a Contractor’s Bottom Line


PSMJ Resources, Inc. – Conventional wisdom says that it’s always cheaper to buy construction materials in bulk. In the real world, you have to decide whether the cost of keeping inventory would offset your bulk purchase savings. In these five scenarios, bulk purchasing can slash overall costs and stretch bigger margins from your jobs.  Continue reading

MORNING MOTIVATION – This Is Your Day, Create It!

It’s Wednesday and some of you might be as tired as I am so I’ve decided we need some motivation to get through the day. Remember every day is your day, create it!

Enter the Mentor: The Business Development Process


PSMJ Resources, Inc. – Right or wrong, many clients perceive architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms as equally technically competent. Although you may disagree with this perception, it can drive a prospective client’s reality when deciding which firm to work with. Continue reading

Samco Machinery app puts company info at fingertips


Growing number of customers and prospects do research via phones

TORONTO, April 10, 2015 – Customers are searching for information in new ways and Samco Machinery is doing what it can to put that information right at their fingertips.  Continue reading

Do You Have a “Reward System” or an “Incentive System?”


By Dave Burstein, P.E. – There are two categories of bonuses:

Reward System – At the end of the year, the owner or a small group of principals decide how much money they will pay in bonuses. They then decide who should get how much based on a subjective assessment of those who are eligible.  Continue reading

10 Good Business Practices in Any Market


BY PSMJ RESOURCES, INC. ON MAR 2015 –  Sound business practices will help maximize your profits and offer challenges for your best and brightest people, whether in a boom economy, a down marketplace, or a transitional phase, as we’re going through right now. Below are ten suggestions on how to accomplish this Continue reading

PSMJ PULSE is here, will you be joining?


METALCON is a part of PSMJ Resources, Inc. and is proud to announce that they have just launched their interactive Pulse Membership. Improve your business performance by joining today! Register here.


What’s the Secret to Winning Every Negotiation?


Our good friends at PSMJ Resources, Inc. posted a great article that everyone should read. It involves negotiation strategy and how to succeed at it. Take a look at the article, whether you are in the architecture, construction, or any other industry these tips will certainly help.


Is there a secret to getting what you want in a contract and fee negotiation? Is there a magical strategy to winning? Yes, in fact there are five!  Continue reading

Growing your Business with Metal



ATLANTA (October 20, 2014) by Jim Austin – The Helene S. Mills Multipurpose Facility opened in 2002 as a Fulton County focal point to enrich the minds, bodies and spirits of independent senior citizens. Soon after opening, a leaky roof put a damper on senior activities.  Continue reading

NCI Building Systems Names Don Riley President, Group Business Segments


Some industry news this week out of Houston with NCI Building Systems naming Don Riley, President Group Business Segments. We want to congratulate Mr. Riley and we look forward to seeing you at METALCON.

http://www.designandbuildwithmetal.com – Houston, TX – NCI Building Systems, Inc. (NYSE: NCS), a leading manufacturer of metal products for the nonresidential building industry, announces that it has named Continue reading

Magnificent Metal Mondays


After the long Thanksgiving Holiday weekend we are back here at METALCON headquarters with another fantastic edition of Magnificent Metal Mondays. Today we travel Continue reading

Best of METALCON 2014 Video Footage


Our good friends at Metal Roofing Magazine and Rural Builder filmed “The Best of METALCON 2014” and put together some great clips of this year’s show. There are a quite a few videos for you to watch. Enjoy the videos, and you can watch many of them by clicking here.

Magnificent Metal Mondays


Another Magnificent Metal Monday is upon us and we are going to do things a little different going forward. So today we travel to New York City, specifically Manhattan. First person to comment on which building this is and retweet this blog post on their twitter feed is going to get something special. Good luck !

Exhibitors Enjoying Upbeat Tone at Metalcon 2014

Posted on by News Editor – The positive vibes from the AIA and GlassBuild conventions earlier this year have made their way to Metalcon—the largest international event in the metal construction industry for metal construction products, technologies and solutions—this week in Denver, Colo. Continue reading


Denver Attraction


Since you will be attending METALCON, you’ll also get some discounted benefits through our partnership with The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Denver. You can click here to see these exclusive offers, but remember if you haven’t registered for METALCON yet do it now HERE! (Use the promo code BLOG14)

Fly Away

So you want to fly away and have no idea where to go, well, how about you travel to Denver this upcoming week for the Metal Construction Industry’s largest gathering, METALCON. You can still register by using the promo code BLOG14REGISTER NOW!

1st Annual Metal Roofing Championship Games


Today we will break down each competition for the 1st ever Metal Roofing Championship Games being held at METALCON. Again, if you haven’t registered you can use BLOG14 as the promo code and register by clicking here.

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Ghost Pepper Peanuts at METALCON

ghost pepper peanuts

Yes! We are extremely excited with the image Trilogy Machinery posted earlier on Twitter today. In order to get access to this special event you’ll need to stop by booth 428 to get your hands on some ghost pepper peanuts! The only way to go to METALCON is to register today using the promo code BLOG14 by clicking here.

Coast To Coast Carports, Inc. – Exhibitor Feature


Today’s exhibitor feature is Coast To Coast Carports Inc. You can view their e-booth profile by clicking here and don’t forget to visit them at METALCON in booth 532.

Born to Run to METALCON

Yes you have to be born to run to METALCON. So if you haven’t registered yet, use the promo code BLOG14 and then you’ll be Born to Run. REGISTER HERE!

S 5! – Torque Controlled Shut Off Tool

S-5! will be at METALCON in booth 810 and remember if you haven’t registered yet you can now by clicking here.