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Firefighters Still Having Trouble with Fires in Metal Buildings


So once again we ran across an article about firefighters having trouble extinguishing fires that occur in metal buildings. This one particular story comes out of Williamsburg, Indiana at a barn to be specific. There is a clear opportunity here for the metal construction industry and firefighting associations to discuss the difficulties and how they can help each other.  Continue reading

Firefighters Against Metal Roofs


In hopes that many of you have read the article from yesterday I wanted to touch upon the subject again with an independent opinion. Yes, I said it, an independent point of view. Now if you haven’t read the first piece click here first  Continue reading

Firefighters Complain about Metal Roofs


A few months back you may recall I had touched on the firefighters and metal roofs subject, well, looks like it isn’t going away. Ultimately, before voicing an opinion we would like for you to read the article so that  Continue reading