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Construction giant and subcontractor in court after metal frame collapsed


Safety is always at the forefront for many of you at your construction sites. There are too many accidents that occur because of human error and this case is no different. While we aren’t sure how many accidents Continue reading

Firefighters Complain about Metal Roofs


A few months back you may recall I had touched on the firefighters and metal roofs subject, well, looks like it isn’t going away. Ultimately, before voicing an opinion we would like for you to read the article so that  Continue reading

I’ve got 99 Problems and a Metal Building is One


Overheard someone this morning talking about metal buildings and how problematic they are. I was intrigued but also very defensive and then I realized Continue reading

Friday Fun – You Create the Caption


Friday is here again and today comes this picture that was taken by Ewing Construction and involves Continue reading

Breaking News: Construction Site Accident


Always terrible to hear about these types of tragedies at construction sites. Looks like there are about 18 injured in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, Continue reading