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New Tech Machinery Stays Connected with Social Media


Spending a lot of time on social media?  New Tech Machinery is too!  The next time you find yourself scrolling through Facebook feed, Twitter hashtags, Pinterest pins or YouTube videos- look them up!

New Tech Machinery often features fun activities like Photo Friday on Facebook consistent Continue reading

Watch and Close: 8 Videos That Show How to Close a Sales Deal


Our partners at Hubspot recently posted a great piece on closing a sales deal. Specifically they discussed a few of the different methods and also showed some videos. We felt this would be a good piece to share with your sales staff, you may even learn something new, I know we did.

January 8, 2015 – by  Emma Snider – It’s one thing to read an article on how to close a sales deal — prepare the buyer this way, focus on these types of results, present the contract at this point, and so on. But it’s another thing entirely to actually watch someone explain how to or actually close a deal. Continue reading

Sandblasting Metal Construction

Friday Fun – Create the Caption


Now that we have finished off some last details on METALCON 2014, we are bringing back the fun into your Friday. Remember take a look at the picture and create a caption for the photo you see. We love this game!