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Magnificent Metal Monday (Holiday Edition)

The overriding theme this week is “light.” The Winter Solstice ushers in the “rebirth of the sun” and now brings more light to each day. Hanukkah is referred to as the “Festival of Lights.” And the Christmas star represents the first star of Bethlehem that shone on the night Jesus was born. So it’s only fitting that Magnificent Metal Monday (MMM) takes us to the Holy Land of Israel to highlight a new “Light Sculpture Plaza” in a town called Modi’in. Located just about halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, this plaza opened earlier this year and is the recipient of one of the 2019 World Landscape Architect (WLA) Awards.

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Shortest Day of the Year

Welcome to Winter Solstice 2018! You may be asking … what does this have to do with the “metal industry?” Really nothing at all, but sometimes in life it’s good to simply pause or “stand still.” The word, solstice, translates roughly to “sun stands still,” so in honor of the shortest day of the year, we pause from the norm.

There are some fascinating facts about the winter solstice. This year is especially auspicious in that the full moon will rise one day after the winter solstice. Apparently the two won’t be back to back like this until 2094!

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