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Come Celebrate METALFORMING’S 20th Anniversary at METALCON

It was in 1997 – at the METALCON show – that Geoff Stone introduced the first Jorns folder to the American market. At the time, the MetalForming, Inc. founder was still operating his new company out of the basement at his home in Peachtree City, Georgia. Continue reading


METALFORMING Celebrates 20 years and 7,000 Machines Sold

It was in 1997 – at the METALCON show – that Geoff Stone introduced the first Jorns folder to the American market. At the time, the MetalForming, Inc. founder was still operating his new company out of the basement at his home in Peachtree City, Georgia. Continue reading

Magnificent Metal Mondays



The 339-acre Kinzua Bridge State Park offers visitors a chance to walk the Kinzua Bridge skywalk. The bridge was originally built from iron in 1882 and was billed as the “Eighth Wonder of the World“, holding the record as the tallest railroad bridge in the world for two years. In 1900, the bridge was dismantled and simultaneously rebuilt out of steel to allow it to accommodate heavier trains. Continue reading

12 Must Do’s at METALCON 2017 in Las Vegas

METALCON 2017 in Las Vegas is about 3 weeks away and we are extremely excited to see many of you again. I want to remind you that if you have any co-workers, colleagues, friends, or industry followers that wish to attend send them Continue reading

Steven Holl’s New Visual Arts Building on U of Iowa Campus Utilizes RHEINZINK Cladding to Deliver Desired Aesthetic

No stranger to the University of Iowa campus, architect Steven Holl’s new Visual Arts Building provides 126,000 sq. ft. of loft-like space within a beautifully crafted envelope.  The building replaces an original arts building from 1936 that was heavily damaged during a flood of the University campus in Iowa City. Continue reading


The RHEINZINK-clad dome atop the new Mormon Temple in Tucson marks a unique feature in the design of the religion’s temples throughout the United States.  “Domes are rare on temples,” said Mandy Martineau, church member and project manager with FFKR Architects, Salt Lake City.  “The dome has really captured the attention of the city and church members alike.”  Continue reading

Top Labor and Employment Issues Facing Today’s Metal Construction Industry at METALCON 2017

Newton, Mass., Sept. 7, 2017—Featured speaker and Labor Attorney, John Cruickshank of Alaniz Schraeder Linker Farris Mayes LLP, will explore current labor and employment policy issues confronting the metal construction industry, and the overall construction industry, at METALCON on October 18 and 19, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Continue reading

Metalforming–Can You Do More with Less?

By Ray Kimble 
Removing the need for time-consuming, manual data entry
If metalforming is a central aspect of your business, you know it demands precision, accuracy, but also a lot of time, especially when connecting information from the shop floor to the office. What few companies know, however, is that this time-consuming process can be automated. Every action performed on the shop floor can be sent as it happens to your IT system, removing the need for manual data entry.  Continue reading

Getting the Most out of your Roll Former Purchase

By Jaswinder Bhatti, VP Applications Engineering, Samco Machinery

When researching to purchase a one-of-a-kind roll former, the more information you bring to the manufacturer, the better your chances of getting a roll former that does what you need it to do.

Purchasing a custom roll former is one of your business’s larger investments. Getting the most out of your investment depends on designing a machine that will produce consistent product for a long time. The design will only be as good as the information provided to the roll former manufacturer so it’s important to have all the questions answered and every consideration covered.  Continue reading

Learning Zones at The Deck Return to METALCON


We are extremely excited about the Learning Zones at METALCON this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are bringing back a dynamic way of providing education on the show floor that was introduced a few years ago. This will give attendees and exhibitors a way to learn more in smaller pieces of time. Consider that Continue reading


With the original purchase of land approved by President Harry Truman in 1946 and construction completed in 1952, the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Louisville has seen many changes over the years but none as dramatic as the new entryway that now greets patrons and families.  Although modest by size, the 12,600 sq. ft. expansion and renovation project creates a bold new image.  The expansion also importantly includes establishment of a high-tech Polytrauma Clinic for the treatment of stress-related disorders.  Continue reading

An Architect Who Will Only Use Metal Roofs for his Projects


New profile from New Tech Machinery tops South Carolina school


BLUFFTON, N.C.  – Architects learn a lot in 40 years. That knowledge proves very beneficial to their clients. “We will not design a school without a metal roof,” says Jimmy Hite, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, of Hite Associates in Continue reading


The undersigned pre-registrant, hereby makes application for possible selection to
participate in the MCA METALCON National Championship Metal Roofing Games. If selected,
ample notice will be provided Continue reading

Valspar Helps Writers Theater Achieve An Open And Unique Aesthetic

Theater has always been an important part of culture and entertainment. One of the most liberating aspects of the art is interpretation. Be it how the audience receives a performance, how a director envisions a show or the way in which an actor brings a character to life, each working part of a production makes its own unique mark.  Continue reading

8 Must-Haves For Effective Project Leadership

Working Hard-4

Clients want strong project leaders rather than mere project “administrators” who’ll simply manage things and move them around. They especially want a project manager who has the authority to impel the project through to the end; someone who can commit the architecture or engineering firm’s resources.  Continue reading

Why is Marketing Automation Becoming a big Problem?


Marketing automation is becoming spam, I am witnessing it first hand. I realize you might use some sort of marketing automation software product such as Hubspot, Constant Contact, or Marketo. If you aren’t using some sort of marketing automation product at the moment, don’t worry it isn’t a bad thing. In fact Continue reading

elZinc America Now Offers 2 New Finishes – Oliva and Lava

elZinc Oliva® is a dark grey pre-weathered zinc with subtle green and blue hues. These contemporary tones create a guaranteed natural and balanced contrast with the surrounding environment. Subtle and sophisticated, elZinc Oliva enhances any building’s appearance with unique and personalized aesthetics.  Continue reading

Alliance Machine and Engraving, LLC Moves to New Facility

Ashland, VA: Alliance Machine and Engraving, LLC recently moved to a new facility in Ashland, VA. The facility offers a larger footprint, improved plant layout, better lighting, additional storage, and a more efficient material flow. The extra floor space allows Alliance to keep up with the demand of an increased customer base. Continue reading

Valspar Contributes to LEED® Gold Building, Kankakee Community College North Extension

Since 1966, Kankakee Community College (KCC) has provided a quality education to thousands of students each year on the banks of the Kankakee River. With class sizes steadily increasing as well as the demand for a wider range of academic offerings, expanding the small, local community college was a necessity. In order to better serve the community at large, plans were made to create satellite campuses outside of Kankakee, including the Kankakee Community College North Extension in Bradley, Illinois.  Continue reading

5 Emerging Renewable Energy Sources to Watch For

Renewable energy has long sat like a mirage on the horizon, urging us all to follow the idea, but then moving just out of reach. It sounds wonderful – energy for living generated from clean, sustainable sources tapped by innovative technology. While lots of renewable ideas work in the laboratory, it has been harder to replicate them efficiently on a large scale. Are we starting to turn a corner, though? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a full 10 percent of energy consumed is now provided by renewable sources, as of 2015. That is a significant amount. Let’s look at the emerging sources that are driving that number.  Continue reading

Check out this 3D-printed, vehicle-powered house: METALCON demo

This thing is crazy.

METALCON has a damn good name. It also had some damn good demos at the Baltimore Convention Center this week.

The event was a major gathering for construction pros looking for new ideas. The exhibit hall had lots of tools, and demos about the latest ways to build. To kick off the conference, however, Roderick Jackson challenged attendees to think bigger.

“We literally build buildings the same way we’ve built them for centuries,” said Jackson, who heads up the Building Envelope Systems Research Group at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

Instead of the latest tools, Jackson brought a whole house to the convention. Called the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE), it’s a prototype of a home that shares energy between the house itself and a hybrid car.

Roderick Jackson inside AMIE. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

Being a DOE project, one problem it’s solving is the fact that buildings use lots of energy. AMIE points toward energy usage that doesn’t have to rely completely on a grid. Power from solar panels and the electric vehicle batteries flows back and forth through a wireless system developed at national lab. The vehicle has a natural gas generator that produces power for the home.

There’s also lots of new approaches in the construction. The building was entirely 3D printed (on the world’s largest 3D printer). That makes a zero-waste construction process. It’s made of polymer, but Jackson said it’s designed to get folks thinking about what materials available to them can be used. Inside, the wall cavity was reduced from 8 inches to 1 inch to make room for next-generation insulation. The one-room design is simple, complete with Murphy bed. But that’s also a canvas to create.

AMIE's windows. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

The speed of the project also marked a big change, process-wise. Jackson said the project was completed in nine months. That’s fast for government, but the level of change points to government’s strengths in taking on the risk.

“The role of government is to take on the risk the private sector wouldn’t take on,” he said. “Now industry can take what we did and move it forward.”

(Photo by Stephen Babcock)

Corporates were already involved in the prototype phase. Jackson’s team got partners like Alcoa, Clayton Homes, GE Appliances, Tru-Design and NanoPore. They were excited about doing something that wasn’t only new, but also big.

“The biggest thing that I learned from this is people don’t get excited about incremental,” he said. Rather, partners and others really gathered around an idea “when you start throwing stuff out there that’s moonshot-type ideas.”

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 Learn and Earn AIA/CES credits from PPG at METALCON

Do you know the differences between PVDF and FEVE fluoropolymer coatings? How about the different types of application methods for powder and liquid coatings, or how pigments can affect the durability, performance and aesthetics of a metal coating? 

Find answers to those questions and more by attending High-Performance Fluoropolymer Coatings, an AIA/CES Registered Program being offered at PPG booth #2407, Friday morning from 10:40 to 11:40 a.m. 

 Presented by Scott Moffatt, market manager for PPG and a 38-year veteran of the coatings industry, High-Performance Fluoropolymer Coatings will cover fluoropolymer coatings and their intended uses; pigment types and product options; long-term UV durability; IR-reflective polymers and industry-standard performance specifications by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

 Visit PPG to learn and earn at METALCON 2016!

Visit Us on DURAFORM® Coatings Day

Ready to learn about the latest advance in polyester coatings for metal building products? If so, PPG invites you to Duraform Coatings Day at METALCON on Friday, October 28. Pick up a Duraform coatings-branded giveaway and discover how our proprietary polyester polymer enhances form- flexibility and makes building products more resistant to color fading, chalking, dirt build-up and stains. Celebrate the last day of METALCON with us and help your products look better and last longer, too. See you at the show!

Valspar Introduces Fluropon® Extreme

Formulated to maintain a smooth finish from application to installation, Fluropon Extreme is the newest addition to Valspar’s 70 percent PVDF Fluropon coating line. A smooth, hard coating, Fluropon Extreme is the most durable product Valspar offers within the architectural coil coating market. Tested to withstand the repetitive sliding and surface-on-surface friction that panels are subjected to when they are fabricated, shipped and installed, Fluropon Extreme offers resistance to abrasion and marring while maintaining the smooth finish that Fluropon customers expect.   

“Based on feedback from our customers, we know they are looking for a coating solution that can withstand the inevitable wear and tear that occurs in the field with painted metal building panels and components,” said Jeff Alexander, VP of Sales at Valspar. “With that goal in mind, we are excited to deliver Fluropon Extreme. From roll forming to transportation to installation, Fluropon Extreme resists etching and abrasions to maintain the gloss and smoothness found in our other Fluropon products.”


After years of formulating and research, Valspar has created a coating proven to withstand the toughest projects. Using the basics of Tribology, or the study of wear, Valspar was able to evaluate the relative difference in the wear resistance characteristics of a standard PVDF coating against the new Fluropon Extreme. Typically, coating manufactures use the nickel or pencil test to analyze the level of damage the product can resist. However, results vary based on who is conducting the trial. Valspar took the assessment for Fluropon Extreme one step further, implementing a damage-resistance test using a Micro Scratch Tester instrument. Through a series of rigged field tested customer trials, confirmed that in the face of a high pressure damage event, Fluropon Extreme performs significantly better than the standard PVDF product.


The first of its kind, this new innovation offers customers a durable coating that will maintained its pristine smooth finish. Designed to withstand the bending endured during the fabrication, Fluropon Extreme also maintains the unique benefits offered by the original coating line. Outstanding color retention and adhesion add to the strong performance of this coating. Customers will notice its strength as it protects against the inevitable wear and tear that occurs at the plant, on the dock, road and job site.


For more information on Valspar architectural coil coatings, visit


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Valspar: If it matters, we’re on it.®

Valspar is a global leader in the coatings industry providing customers with innovative, high-quality products and value-added services. Our 11,000 employees worldwide deliver advanced coatings solutions with best-in-class appearance, performance, protection and sustainability to customers in more than 100 countries. Valspar offers a broad range of superior coatings products for the consumer market, and highly-engineered solutions for the construction, industrial, packaging and transportation markets. Founded in 1806, Valspar is headquartered in Minneapolis. Valspar’s reported net sales in fiscal 2015 were $4.4 billion and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: VAL). For more information, visit and follow @valspar on Twitter.