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New Sherwin-Williams’ MetalVue Program to be Featured in METALCON Live! Webinar Tomorrow – REGISTER TODAY!

Already a $3.3 billion industry in North America, the metal roofing market is expected to grow 4.3% through 2026. To help manufacturers and contractors sell more residential and commercial metal roofs, Sherwin-Williams has launched their new MetalVue program. As the industry leader in metal roof coatings, they are dedicated to growing the metal roofing industry and the share of business for their partners faster than the current rate of growth. To achieve this, MetalVue is designed to be a complete network of metal roofing expertise to connect you to training, software and an online community.

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Metal Roofing Photo Contest

Enter your best metal roofing pics into the RCS photo contest by September 30 for a chance to win! Sponsored by Metal Roofing Alliance.

Photo submitted to RCS by Bruce Hollingsworth from USA Roofing & Construction in Lancaster, Texas; “16-1/2″ snap lock zinc gray 26 ga metal roof”

To celebrate the launch of their new MetalCoffeeShop™, RoofersCoffeeShop® wants to showcase the beautiful work metal roofers are doing in their metal roofing gallery! Showcase metal’s impressive durability and beauty by submitting a photo of your metal roofing project. Sponsored by the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), all submissions will be entered into a drawing and three lucky winners will be chose to receive an “RCS Box of Love.” The winning photos will also be featured in their “Week in Roofing eNews,” shared on social media and added to their metal roofing gallery. Deadline to submit is September 30.

Submit your metal roofing project to the contest today! 

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Metal roofing is on the rise in the residential market, now accounting for 13% of the market share, with metal outpacing other materials in terms of growth. Given the rise and projected increases, it is important for contractors and architects to stay current with their product knowledge to ensure future success in residential metal roofing. Catch Todd Miller, president of Isaiah Industries, in today’s “Residential Re-Roofing with Metal, presented by METALCON Live! and the MCA.

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Why Re-Roof with Metal?

TV Personality and Home Advisor Bob Vila says the top reasons to re-roof with metal include:

  • Durability and long-lasting
  • More environmental-friendly and sustainable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Design flexibility

“Growing numbers of people are installing metal roofs in both new construction and roof replacement projects.,” says Vila. In 2015, McGraw-Hill Construction and Analytics estimated that 750,000 of U.S. homeowners chose metal roofing for their residences, a number indicating 11% of the residential market share, second to asphalt shingles.

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What’s a Home Without Its Roof? A Look at What’s Happening in the Roofing World

With National Roofing Week approaching in about a month, let’s look at what’s happening in the roofing world (with a slight bias toward metal roofs of course!).

Earlier this month, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), hosted 224 participants – 88 attending for the first time – at Roofing Day 2022 on April 5-6 in Washington, D.C. Roofing professionals from throughout the U.S. met with 173 members of Congress and their staffs to advocate for solutions to workforce and supply chain challenges through immigration reform, Perkins career and technical education grants, and reauthorization of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. NRCA reported 62% of these meetings were in-person, and attendees were able to meet with Congress members from 34 different states, with top top state represented being Ohio, followed by Texas, California, Florida and Maryland. 

METALCON Live! “A View from the Roof” – Wednesday, May 4 at 1:00 PM … READ MORE …

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METALCON Live! and MCA Presents: Metal Roofers’ Perspective on Solar Installations – TODAY at 1:00 pm


METALCON Live! and MCA presents a dynamic panel of experts from the metal roofing and solar industries to explore the perspective of the solar PV system and the roof as a single asset along with the advantages of metal roofs. With the continued growth of the solar photovoltaic (PV) energy sector and the advantages of metal roofs that align with the environmental goals of solar PV energy, this webinar is not to be missed. Join us next TODAY at 1:00 pm and earn 1 AIA LU HSW.

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Free Webinar Next Week: Metal Roofers’ Perspective on Solar Installations – RESERVE NOW


METALCON Live! and MCA presents a dynamic panel of experts from the metal roofing and solar industries to explore the perspective of the solar PV system and the roof as a single asset along with the advantages of metal roofs. With the continued growth of the solar photovoltaic (PV) energy sector and the advantages of metal roofs that align with the environmental goals of solar PV energy, this webinar is not to be missed. Join us next Wednesday, March 16 at 1:00 pm and earn 1 AIA LU HSW.

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Magnificent Metal Monday – Metal for Wind Mitigation

McElroy Metal Provides Hurricane-Safe Solution For Municipal Complex’s Roof

One of the myths “demystified” in last week’s METALCON Live! “Metal Building Systems 101” was that metal was not an ideal choice for buildings subjected to harsh climate conditions. In addition to our industry experts explaining why this was not true, an example was highlighted in the recent issue of DesignandBuildwithMetal. The newly completed Municipal Complex located in the Town of Surf City, North Carolina, selected metal roofing because it was able to meet the high-wind requirements of the coast. The article explained “durability as the main consideration for selecting McElroy Metal’s Maxima standing seam metal roofing.”

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Magnificent Metal Monday – Standing Seam Metal Roof Ideal for Solar

Solar Ready Metal Roofing Project Wins First Place in ATAS International’s 2020 competition for Commercial Roofs Category

Each year, ATAS International, Inc., holds an annual “Project of the Year” competition to recognize projects, large or small, that feature ATAS metal panels. Given last week’s METALCON Live! focus on the solar industry, check out this first-place award winner for the commercial roofs category in ATAS International’s 2020 competition announced in June of this year. The state-of-the-art Riverview Branch Library in Riverview, Florida, features Field-Lok standing seam metal roof panels, manufactured by ATAS in Dove Grey .040 aluminum. The panels, with a 2” seam height and 15-¼” panel width, were mechanically seamed, followed by the installation of photovoltaic panels. The 2” Field-Lok panel is a double-locked structural panel that can meet severe load requirements.

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Magnificent Metal Monday – Top Products Award

Don’t miss the opportunity to submit your company’s top product for METALCON’s New Top Products Award!



Applications are Due July 1.

Don’t miss the chance for bragging rights in the hottest new recognition program in the metal construction industry!  To be eligible for consideration, a product must have been introduced to the market after January 1, 2019, and its manufacturer must be a 2021 METALCON exhibiting company. Exhibitors are eligible to nominate more than one top metal product but not more than one product per category.

Nominations are accepted in the following categories:

  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Structures
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Windows & Doors
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Technology
  • Insulation & Weather Barriers
  • Day Lighting
  • Contractor Tools & Equipment
  • Safety
  • Alternative Energy
  • Rollforming Equipment
  • Other


METALCON 2021 will take place at the Tampa Convention Center, Wednesday, October 6 – Friday, October 8, 2021 with pre-show workshops beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 5. Registration is now open!

METALCON is produced by PSMJ Resources Inc. and sponsored by the Metal Construction Association.

Magnificent Metal Monday – MRA 1st Quarter Winner Announced

As featured in last week’s blog, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) Best Residential Metal Roofing Project competition is underway and the winner for the first quarter has been announced. According to, manufacturer DECRA Metal Roofing and roofing installer Weather Shield Metal Roofing of Gulf Breeze, Florida have been selected as the winners of its Best Residential Metal Roofing Project competition for a stunning metal roofing project recently completed on a home in Gulf Breeze. A winner will be announced for each quarter of 2021.

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Magnificent Metal Monday – Metal’s Role in Sustainability

There are several key reasons why a metal roof is the right choice. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), among these reasons include energy savings, aesthetic appeal, performance in weather-related events, longevity and environmentally sustainability. In this era of increased focus on sustainability, copper is “king.” According to (Copper Development Association, Inc.), it’s durable, reliable and often outlives its aluminum, plastic and other metal counterparts. Copper adorns one of the world’s most stunning homes in the United States — The Hope Residence, located in Palm Springs, California.

According to Metal Roofing Alliance, “For a home that is nearly as famous and unique as the American entertainer who inspired it, the Hope Residence has been compared to a spaceship, a mushroom and a volcano. Whatever shape you imagine it resembles, there is no doubt there is nothing like this nearly 24,000 square foot home set at the highest point overlooking the star-studded city. The most striking element of the curvaceous, expansive home is the roof itself. Made from copper that slopes upward from three points to meet at an enormous open oculus, the roof seems to rise from the mountains, its dark aged patina softly glowing in ever-shifting desert light.”

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When IMPs first emerged as a building product in the 1960s they were predominantly used as an exterior wall assembly. Throughout the last 60 years, the materials and production methods have advanced considerably. According to the Metal Construction Association, “Insulated Metal Panel Roofs are premier building products on the leading edge of innovation.” The far reaching benefits include: high performance, sustainable building envelope, design flexibility, single component, and speed of build. The question isn’t “why an IMP roof” … the question is “why not.”

Join METALCONLive! and MCA TOMORROW as they present, The Advantages of an IMP Roof , by Greg Lusty, Vice President of Sales at All Weather Insulated Panels. Greg will provide a review of insulated metal roof panel systems in terms of their performance characteristics, profiles, and testing/approval requirements; along with the design and installation considerations that will help you be successful. This webinar qualifies for one AIA LU and its FREE!

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Magnificent Metal Monday – MCN 2020 Building and Roofing Awards

On December 1, Metal Construction News (MCN) announced the winners of their annual Building & Roofing Awards for 2020. The Grand Award winner is the United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum, Colorado Springs, Colorado, which we seredinpitously featured in a recent MMM blog post for its unique use of metal. MCN found the project noteworthy for its unique façade and for its use of metal as a very predominant building material.

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Magnificent Metal Monday – Key Takeaways from METALCONLive! on Metal Roofing Recover Systems

Last week on METALCONLive!, the Metal Construction Association presented leading authority on metal roofing recover systems, Charlie Smith with McElroy Metal, who gave a detailed presentation on the benefits of using metal to recover an existing sloped roof. You can stream the presentation on-demand by clicking on the above image. Some key takeaways from the presentation include the growing advantages of using metal for roof recover work, the future of using a “T” shape panel and if doing a retrofit, and knowing your clip offset before starting a project.

Charlie opened the presentation with the simple, yet important, question, “Why metal?” He answered his own question by saying, “Simple, it has the longest life expectancy of approximately 40-60 years.”

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Don’t miss Charlie Smith, Leading Authority on Metal Roofing Recover Systems, TODAY on METALCONLive! @ 1PM EST

If you are a building owner, contractor, roof consultant or architect/designer interested in recover systems, spend one hour of your time today and get insights and tools that you can put to immediate use in your business. We guarantee an ROI for the one hour you spend listening to Charlie Smith, McElroy Metal, present on the 12 Ways to Recover an Existing Sloped Roof with Metal. Presented by the Metal Construction Association (MCA), this FREE on-line session will teach you how to use a structural standing seam system in recover applications on an existing building with a sloped roof.

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