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Metal Shredding and Recycling in Pilsen


Today’s first news worthy item I read about is happening in Pilsen, IL as we speak. It seems that residents in that community are protesting the building of a metal shredding and recycling facility because  Continue reading

First Exhibitor Feature


Today begins our new daily look at some of the exhibitors that will be participating at METALCON. We begin with a company that has supported the metal construction industry for many years, ATAS International. You can view their online e-booth by clicking here. You can also visit their website here.

85 Days Until METALCON


Since we love new features here at METALCON, we are going to start a new one beginning tomorrow. We are going to profile an exhibitor each day until day 1 of METALCON. Who we profile and  Continue reading

Types of Metal Buildings

New home construction framing.

Continuing on with another introductory piece of information for all of our new readers, I have found a fantastic Continue reading

Structural Steel Connections

I definitely wanted to post this for all of those that may not know enough about structural steel connections. I also thought it was cheesy, I mean look at the Europeans being all tough not wearing their hard hats at the job site. Anyhow, it is a good educational video, enjoy it.

3D-Printed Steel Building Structures


About a month ago I posted something about 3D printing for the metal construction industry and it looks like these mad scientists are back at it again. Looks as if they are starting to print  Continue reading

Magnificent Metal Mondays


Back with another edition of Magnificent Metal Mondays after a long holiday weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed their extra day off and with that being said today we travel to the England and France as we explore Continue reading

Welding Professionals – How they started

So earlier this week I had posted a video about welder’ careers and then I ran into this video today. While some of this is not construction related you have to believe that these welding professionals can quickly adapt to any type of industry and job. Take a look at how they started and what they currently do by watching this video. Best line of the video is, “if you want to build something bad enough you have to learn to weld.”


throwback thursday

Yes going to try to do another one today and in the spirit of July 4th let’s talk about our friend “ME.” Me was born back in 2013 and has grown up quickly to travel the world. Take a look at the photos through the years  Continue reading

Metallurgy and Metalworking in Europe


You know me I am always stirring the pot in terms of the USA vs. Europe in the Metal Construction Industry so I decided to try and find a good infographic on the European market. What I really like about  Continue reading

Firefighters Concerned with Metal Roofs


So it seems that today there are many interesting topics falling on my lap to write about. I read an article in Fire Engineering about the troubles that fire fighters have or could potentially have in battling fires on structures with metal roofs. So I want  Continue reading

Sheet Metal Worker: A Look into Construction Careers

I thought this was an interesting way to look at some different careers in the construction industry. The use of YouTube to describe and discuss a career in the field is genius in my opinion. Check it out and let me know what other careers we should feature.

First Throwback Thursday Edition

throwback thursday

As I said yesterday we wanted to start doing some new things here with the blog and to start it up today. This is the first Throwback Thursday for the METALCON blog and  Continue reading

Steaks and RHEINZINK


I happen to read DesignandBuildwithMetal every day and I hope you do too, if you don’t start now. Their website is informative and they do some great product features. What drew me to their article today was Del Frisco’s  Continue reading

Graffiti Resistant

Our good friends at PPG will be at AIA in Chicago this week. They have some interesting products including the graffiti resistant coatings they have developed. Check out the video.

New Features Coming


I’ve been thinking about some new features for the blog and will begin using some of the ideas I have come with in the next week. I’d also like to open this up to anyone that  Continue reading

Metal Ceilings – Yes I think so!

This video was uploaded today and I have to say these ceilings look unreal. I think I want them for my apartment in Boston. Check out the video let me know what you think.

Magnificent Metal Mondays


Another Monday, another Magnificent Metal Monday for you to start your morning off. Today we don’t go very far from our office and travel about 8 or 9 miles to the Boston waterfront. The structure today is the ICA  Continue reading

Friday Fun – Create the Caption


Another Friday is upon us, but before you leave for the weekend (by the way it is the first day of summer) take a look at this photo and create a fun caption for it. Let’s keep it PG as well. Enjoy!

Scrap Metal Used Effectively


I was reading the Boston Globe website this morning when I stumbled upon this really interesting story in the Gaza Strip. It appears  Continue reading

Metal Roofing…I don’t see it


So I have been meaning to write about this for quite a while now. I wanted to discuss why I don’t see a lot of metal roofs here in the Boston area and why it isn’t as prevalent as it is in other parts of the United States. Let’s start with my one assumption Continue reading

Goliath Roller Coaster Opens


While this isn’t a metal roller coaster it is still impressive. The construction and work done on the Goliath Coaster at Six Flags Great America is impressive. Consider these Continue reading

Magnificent Metal Mondays Part Deux

So after posting this week’s edition of Magnificent Metal Mondays I decided to do more research on the San Sebastian Church located in Manila. I was particularly interested in finding a video of the church Continue reading

100th Blog Post


I realized that our blog has officially hit 100 posts so we’ve decided we should celebrate the fact that we have reached that impressive number! We always welcome contributions to the Continue reading

Friday Fun – Create the Caption


So yes it’s Friday and I was trying to locate a picture here in Las Vegas since we are here for the Western Roofing Expo but to no avail I found nothing great. Well I mean there are Continue reading

NCI Building Systems Reports 2nd Quarter Results


So yesterday NCI Building Systems reported their 2nd quarter fiscal 2014 results and the numbers were definitely encouraging. NCI is one of North America’s Continue reading

More Rumblings from Contractors not Using Metal

I feel like there is much more I would like to say regarding this issue and I hope today to get more information from contractors who are attending the Western Roofing Expo. I’m amazed and baffled by the lack of motivation I see from Continue reading

Metals Stocks have gained 60%

metal stocks (10)

Yes you’ve read that right. Metal Stocks have gained 60% in the past 4 months and the question is should we stay bullish on this news? I guess I can dig this news as a positive for  Continue reading

Rumblings from Contractors not Using Metal


Yesterday was day 1 of the Western Roofing Expo and we talked to quite a few people yesterday. One conversation really struck me more than any other I had yesterday. I was speaking with a gentleman from San Diego who is a  Continue reading