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Levi’s Building Components – Exhibitor Feature

levis ebooth

Today’s exhibitor feature takes us to Leola, PA to visit Levi’s Building Components. To check out their e-booth click here and to visit their website click here. Levi’s was a new exhibitor at METALCON last year and is back for another year, they can be found on the exhibit floor in booth 1628. Make sure you stop by and tell them the METALCON blog sent you.


throwback thursday

Yes going to try to do another one today and in the spirit of July 4th let’s talk about our friend “ME.” Me was born back in 2013 and has grown up quickly to travel the world. Take a look at the photos through the years  Continue reading

New Features Coming


I’ve been thinking about some new features for the blog and will begin using some of the ideas I have come with in the next week. I’d also like to open this up to anyone that  Continue reading

100th Blog Post


I realized that our blog has officially hit 100 posts so we’ve decided we should celebrate the fact that we have reached that impressive number! We always welcome contributions to the Continue reading

Levi Strauss CEO: Stop Washing your Jeans

download (1)So I know this may not be huge headlines in the construction industry but I do know that many of us wear jeans. Many of us even wear them on the work site because of the comfort aspect. I guess the question I now pose is  Continue reading