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Magnificent Metal Monday

WIC_GET_SMKnow what’s MAGNIFICENT?  The future of women in the roofing and construction industry!  While women make up almost 50% of the US workforce, they represent only 9% of the construction industry proving there is a huge growth opportunity for women.  From summer camps for high school girls to women in construction being featured at METALCON 2018, steps are being made to increase the numbers.

Today we shine a light on a recent Metal Construction News article about a Summer Camp designed for high school girls to learn about metal roofing installation and careers in construction. And this year at METALCON 2018, catch one of the general sessions led by a panel of leading women professionals in the construction industry. Continue reading


throwback thursday

Yes going to try to do another one today and in the spirit of July 4th let’s talk about our friend “ME.” Me was born back in 2013 and has grown up quickly to travel the world. Take a look at the photos through the years  Continue reading

New Features Coming


I’ve been thinking about some new features for the blog and will begin using some of the ideas I have come with in the next week. I’d also like to open this up to anyone that  Continue reading

Goliath Roller Coaster Opens


While this isn’t a metal roller coaster it is still impressive. The construction and work done on the Goliath Coaster at Six Flags Great America is impressive. Consider these Continue reading

Galvanized Metal and Using the Wrong Screws

I found this video entertaining and also surprising. It isn’t very long but it is important to note how silly people can be in not realizing what they are working with. Maybe more training is in order.

100th Blog Post


I realized that our blog has officially hit 100 posts so we’ve decided we should celebrate the fact that we have reached that impressive number! We always welcome contributions to the Continue reading

Friday Fun – Create the Caption


It’s that time again, yes Friday and time for some fun. I saw this OSHA official hanging out at a job site recently so I snapped a photo of him. Go ahead create a great caption for me on this.

Friday Fun – Create the Caption


So in scouring the internet for a cartoon or image for today’s Friday Fun I found this cartoon created by Ted Crow of the Plain Dealer Newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio. Check it out and submit your caption in the comments box.

Construction Worker Becomes Detective


So it’s been a few weeks since I posted anything about metal theft from job sites, but this story is too good not to discuss. This time the construction workers at the Murfreesboro Elementary School in Tennessee put down their tools to investigate stolen Continue reading

Friday Fun – You Create the Caption for a Prize


So today we have a photo from Danielle Levitt (website) and I thought it was relevant considering we have a metal theme and a roof. We are going to do things a bit different with this post. If you caption the post and follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will be eligible for a prize from METALCON. Enjoy and let’s be creative!

Friday Fun – You Create the Caption


Friday is here again and today comes this picture that was taken during the construction of Continue reading

Kids are learning about Metal Construction Early


Yes they are, and you could call it a subtle learning experiment or a strange development in illustration. I mean I’ve never seen this program eve, maybe I am behind the time but watch this  Continue reading