Magnificent Metal Monday – Curved Metal Roofing Panels

Thanks to our friends at DrexelMetals and the MetalCoffeeShop®, this recent article highlights the limitless design potential of curved metal roofing panels. With the advent of innovative production methods like on-site roll forming, constructing curved roofs has become a more straightforward practice. Not only do metal roofing panels simplify the installation process, but they also provide a weather-tight solution for curved roofing. Discover how these features translate into versatile building designs and learn about the innovative ways in which curved metal roofing panels are being utilized today. Read on for three examples of the versatile power.

Examples include:

Photos: Drexel Metals; Credit: Roofing Magazine

Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado – This building employs a subtle bow and a snow guard system on its roof which enables snow to gradually thaw and evaporate, rather than coming down in a dangerous rooftop avalanche. This also protects people walking near the building, as well as vital roof components like gutters, vents and mechanical equipment. The roof’s near-black color finish makes a powerful design statement as well, providing contrast to the building’s otherwise light color scheme.  

Credit: Roofing Magazine; Photos by Drexel Metals

St. Anthony Coptic Church in Maitland, Florida – The shape of the roof’s radius immediately evokes centuries-old architecture that would stand out in any modern city skyline. The curved metal panels’ flexibility made it possible for roofing contractors to meet the unique specifications from the design’s architects. and the material’s durability will give peace of mind to its parishioners for decades, as its warranty guarantees that it will provide protection against the region’s high winds and heavy rain. In addition to the roof’s attention-grabbing shape, the custom color reflects the timeless Coptic style from which it takes its inspiration. 

Credit: DrexelMetals

K-Span building systems are large, ad hoc buildings whose central structural element is a curved roof in the form of structural-strength, arched panels. Built with Grade 50 steel panels galvanized to ASTM A653 G90 standards, this ensures a high level of strength and durability. Combining this material strength with their classic arched shape, K-Span buildings can create versatile structures that require no beams, columns or other interior support. They enable quick, cost-effective construction that can be modified to a wide range of dimensions and the system’s high-speed construction requires smaller crew, less time and fewer components—while costing 40-60 percent less than other options. 

Metal roofing panels can accommodate curves with fewer complications and reworks than other materials. Not only does this make the functional and unique designs of curved roofs more obtainable for building owners, but it also helps contractors complete projects more efficiently. Additionally, the availability of radius trim for gables and endwalls eliminates the blight of segmentation with straight trim. 

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Produced in partnership with PSMJ Resources, Inc. and the Metal Construction Association.

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