Don’t Miss Tomorrow’s METALCONLive! – The Importance of Wall to Roof Connections for the Air Barrier

Join us TOMORROW when METALCONLive! and the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) present a LIVE webinar on the “The Big Disconnect.” International author and speaker, Roy Schauffele, FCSI, CCPR, FABAA, CABS, Certified Air Barrier Specialist with ABAA and President and Founder of Division 7 Solutions, Inc., will focus on things to consider from a design standpoint, along with practical approaches to ensuring a robust connection is constructed and executed. REGISTER NOW to reserve your virtual seat!

As more states, jurisdictions, and the design community require air barriers, the issue of connecting the wall air barrier assembly to other building assemblies, such as below grade, window systems and roofs need to be completely understood in order to design and construct a functioning building enclosure. 

One of the most often missed or not well executed details is the connection between the wall air barrier and roof assembly. With a myriad of roof systems, wall configurations and the growing number of wall air barrier products, it can be difficult to navigate the process in regards to what systems work best with each other and the chemical compatibility of these systems. 


Roy Schauffele, FCSI, CCPR, FABAA, CABS

Certified Air Barrier Specialist with ABAA and President and Founder of Division 7 Solutions, Inc.

Schauffele is an internationally published author and speaker in the fields of energy conservation and sustainable building envelopes including air barrier technology, insulation, roofing & waterproofing, all with an eye toward improving building science, performance, and quality of life. He is President and founder of Division 7 Solutions, Inc, now entering its 37th year of continuous operations, and recently sold his manufacturing firm to an international corporation. He has served in various positions with ABAA including three terms as Board Chair. He was the first person to receive the Wagdy Anis Dedication Award for excellence in volunteerism, leadership, and mentorship within ABAA. He currently serves as the Executive Advisor to the Board. Globally, he is the only person to be a Fellow of both CSI and ABAA. He continues to be a continually requested national speaker on energy conservation, air barriers, and sustainability.

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