CONTECH Update for 2023

Taking a look at what’s new in the world of CONTECH for this year, ConstructionDive reports new releases including new products and updates from eTakeoff, eMod, Topcon, RedTeam and AirBolt, all aimed to help contractors keep construction projects running on time and on budget. In their 2023 outlook, Associate Editor, Matthew Thibault says, “Technology will be a key driver of progress and efficiency in 2023, and experts believe that the benefits are too useful to ignore in such tumultuous times.”


eTakeoff, a leading provider of takeoff software for construction estimating, has announced its partnership with AI firm Togal.AI. The partnership will integrate Togal.AI’s innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with eTakeoff Dimension, enhancing eTakeoff Dimension’s capabilities by automating the estimating process, which is typically handled manually with rollers and rulers or a computer mouse. READ MORE 


The contractor safety platform has announced its latest integration with construction management software provider Procore. The partnership will enable data migration between Procore and eMOD applications to help reduce the time spent manually filling out daily documentation, making it easier for users to set up, coordinate and manage safety tasks, READ MORE.

Topcon Positioning Systems 

Now available in North America, the firm has announced 2D-MC, an automatic grade control solution for compact track loaders, designed to be installed directly onto select grading attachments. Ideal for slope work, sidewalk grading, road base and drain rock replacement, parking lots, sports fields, landscaping, flat pads, indoor work, concrete site prep and more, 2D-MC is an automatic grade control solution designed to adapt to different grading attachments for compact equipment, leveraging the performance of machine control technology with the accuracy of laser positioning. It connects directly to the machine’s controls and a wireless display and the solution employs rotary laser technology to provide simplified operational visibility, giving operators the information they need to hit target grade with greater precision and in less time, READ MORE.

RedTeam Software

Construction management software provider RedTeam has announced an integration partnership with cloud ERP firm Acumatica. The partnership’s enterprise-wide workflows will connect construction teams across a project by providing real-time access to financial and field information to support data-based decisionmaking and optimal operating efficiency, READ MORE.


The company’s enterprise platform is GPS tracking technology that can support tens of thousands of trackers, locks and access points from one customizable dashboard. With a small footprint, the AirBolt will help contractors accurately track toolboxes, compressors, generators, vehicles, machines and other expensive jobsite equipment and provide real-time reporting on disturbance and unnecessary motion and water detection. All can be managed thru an APP.  READ MORE.

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