Magnificent Metal Monday – MCN 2022 Project Excellence Awards

As announced earlier this month by Metal Construction News, the Grand Award winner in their 2022 Project Excellence Awards is none other than a parking structure! Chosen for its innovative use of metal, the top honor goes to the City of Hope Northeast Parking Structure, Duarte, Calif. Calling it “the most innovative use of metal we’ve seen of all the entries,” the MCN Award Judges selected it saying this project “took something that was so mundane and turned it into a civic presence.” A clear testament to the versatility of metal in the design and building process.

MCN Grand Award Winner: City of Hope Parking Structure. Photo courtesy of Mark Stranglen, The Complete Picture

Located in Southern California, the parking garage stands more as a monument or “beacon of hope” for the local community as well as for patients traveling from all over to Southern California to the City of Hope Cancer Treatment Center. The structure’s defining feature is a kinetic façade—comprised of 0.040-inch-thick individual flapper tags in various sizes, coated in six Kynar shades—from Pittsburgh-based EXTECH/Exterior Technologies Inc.

The other category winners in the MCN Project Excellence Awards are:

Click on each project title to learn more about each award-winning project including the design team, builders and metal fabricators and/or installers.

The Metal Construction News Project Excellence (formerly known as the Building and Roofing Awards) are celebrating their 35th year, and have annually showcased the innovation and excitement of the metal construction industry. Additionally, MCN recognizes the best leaders in the industry with their annual contest, the Metal Construction Hall of Fame, and identifies the top 100 metal builders as measured by tonnage and square footage in their annual Top Metal Builders contest. For details and to nominate, click HERE.

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