Cast your Vote for Annual Metal of Honor Awards

Now in its 19th year, Metal Roofing Magazine will present its Metal of Honor Awards in their April issue. Cast your vote for the suppliers who do the best job of providing the services and products you need to successfully run your business. Select three from the existing list, or if you don’t see your favorite supplier listed, you can nominate up to three.


  • Quality of customer service
  • On-time delivery
  • Within budget
  • Product quality
  • Warranty procedures
  • No surprises

Metal Roofing’s Metal of Honor awards were created to allow metal roofing installers an opportunity to honor those that help them the most by providing quality products and excellent service. Last year’s winners include the following companies who represent leaders in the industry: Triangle Fastener Corporation, Snap-Z, ST Fastening Systems, Roof Hugger, S-5!, Reed’s Metals, MWI Components, Metal Rollforming Systems, McElroy Metal, and Malco Products.

Metal Roofing Magazine is part of a growing network of magazines and trade shows owned by Shield Wall Media. Since its launch in 2001, it has grown to a circulation of more than 25,000. This business-to-business magazine is the only publication specifically serving the needs of the metal roofing industry. The world of metal roofing is unique at every stage of the process, and Metal Roofing Magazine is there for it all, from coil and coating to manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Metal Roofing Magazine delivers valuable insight from the experts in the field, the latest in technical and technological advancements and how best to utilize the information, and details about the latest components and best practices surrounding metal roof construction, repair, and replacement.

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