For over 30 years, METALCON has been a place for new ideas, inspiration, connections, and most importantly, ANSWERS to the questions that keep you up at night. Code compliance? Fire prevention? Rain Screen Assembly? Air Flow? These topics and more will be tackled in our Technical Know-How Learning Center. Conveniently located on the show floor, respected thought leaders will share proven strategies and technical how-to’s to address the challenges impacting your business right now (and help you sleep better at night!).

The Technical Know-How Learning Center will provide deep dives into code compliance, fire prevention, rain screen assembly, air flow and other topics critical to product performance, safety and your business. Click on each title below to learn more about the session, mark the date and time, and pre-register for the session to guarantee your seat:

★ Debunking Building Airflow Misconceptions

★ What’s in a Coating and Its Warranty for Your Pre-Painted Metal

★ Decoding the Language of Rainscreens

★ Stainless Steel Polishing and Finishing for Architects and Fabricators

★ Integrating Cladding in Rainscreens and the Differences Between the Two

★ Sealant & Adhesive Technology for Metal Construction Applications

★ Oilcanning: The Why and Can You Avoid It?

★ Cladding Safety in Light of Global Fires

★ Under Pressure: An Updated in Air Leakage Testing

All of this education is available for FREE as part of your Total Experience, Exhibitor, or Architect’s Experience registration!


MORE HOTEL ROOMS JUST RELEASED at one of the METALCON hotels! BOOK TODAY before they sell out! Book with METALCON’s EXCLUSIVE travel company, Globetrotter Travel Management and have your room reservation guaranteed. BOOK HERE.

All signs are pointing toward this being one of the largest METALCON show in the show’s history! You won’t want to miss being part of the action – REGISTER TODAY for your Total Experience and join us in Indy next month!

Make the most of this year’s event and arrive a day early to take advantage of the specialty WORKSHOPS. Workshops begin on Tuesday, October 11 and require a separate registration but it will include total access to the show. METALCON will officially kick off Wednesday morning, October 12, with the first Keynote Address taking place at 8:30 AM. The show floor will open at 11:00 am, following the keynote.

For a closer look at what to expect at this year’s METALCON, click on our “Sneak Peek” Brochure below or our Digital Show Guide, produced by Metal Construction News:

METALCON is produced by PSMJ | Resources, Inc. and sponsored by the Metal Construction Association.

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