Today at 1:00 PM EST — METALCONLive! Presents “Cladding Safety in Light of Global Fires”


In 2017, when the Grenfell Tower made history as the deadliest fire in modern British history, it brought the issue of combustible exterior wall assemblies into the spotlight. According to a NFPA Journal article, “The problem of combustible exterior wall assemblies isn’t new — fires involving these types of assemblies have occurred all over the world, including the United States — but Britain’s recent experience illustrates a new global urgency behind the issue.” Join the members of MCA’s MCM Alliance today at 1:00 pm as they discuss NFPA 285’s role in understanding and getting it right for North American facades.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) developed NFPA 285 in 1998 to serve as a test method designed to determine the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels that contain foam plastic insulation. Since the deadly fire, NFPA has made additional tools available for AHJ’s to determine which buildings in their jurisdictions are at the highest risk for fires involving combustible exterior wall assemblies.

Join the following members of MCA’s MCM Alliance:

  • Jeff Henry, CEO and Co-Founder, CEI Materials
  • Tom Seitz, Executive Director, MCM Alliance at the Metal Construction Association (MCA)
  • Andy Williams, P.E., Principal, Panel Cladding Solutions LLC
  • Nick Scheib, Vice President of Sales, 3A Composites USA
  • Daniel Martin, P.E., C.F.E.I., C.V.F.I., Fire Protection Engineer, Jensen Hughes


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