TODAY – METALCONLive! at 1:00 PM EST – Build Back Better

“What have we learned, how do we improve and how do we build back better?” – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Tune in to today’s LIVE event hosted by seasoned experts, METALCON Co-Founder CEO Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA in partnership with the Metal Construction Association, and Rob Haddock, CEO and Founder of S-5! Metal Roof Innovations as they draw upon their combined years of industry experience in the A/E/C and metal construction industries.

TODAY’S SPECIAL GUESTS: Paul Lechiara, owner of East Coast Metal Roofing, and Bobby Darnell, Principal of Construction Market Consultants, Inc. They will highlight successful sales and marketing strategies implemented during the lockdown. Find out TODAY during METALCONLive!

You’ll get clear, no BS answers to the burning issues of the day including:

  • How to reimagine, not just reopen your business – and take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to crush your profit targets.
  • How one roofing company quickly – and successfully adapted their sales and marketing plan to align with the “new normal.”
  • What we learned during this period that you can – and MUST – turn into a positive.
  • Why the smartest players in metal construction aren’t waiting for the dust to settle – they are hiring like mad and landing the best talent.
  • Safety strategies you need to put in place before you go back on the job.

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