6 Reasons Why Face to Face Interaction is Important

Why are trade shows like METALCON Important? Well, let’s try and answer that question for you. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a trade show’s importance is the interaction. That’s right interaction, according to Webster’s Dictionary it means; mutual or reciprocal action or influence. It isn’t a concept that is new to our world or even the trade show world, but it certainly has many ways of presenting itself. 

METALCON is entering its 27th year, through good and bad times (remember the 2008-2009 crash) but one thing has remained constant, interaction. The interaction between manufacturers, contractors, engineers, architects, facility managers and many more. A trade show that has a lifespan of 25 years is rare these days and do you know why some fail? The reason some fail is those show producers forget why a show was established in the first place and don’t understand the simple idea of interaction. After all, interaction is what created the buzz for that industry and in METALCON’s case, the metal construction industry has grown substantially. Yes, there have been times that I have questioned the advancement or the innovation of the industry, but one thing has remained true, the buzz still lives on.

When discussing METALCON here is what I believe holds true about the event and that is new avenues of communication that are effective can never replace face to face interaction. Email, internet, webinars, white papers and other forms are all great forms of communication but they don’t beat the face to face engagement.

This remains important for both exhibitors and attendees at the show. Face to face interactions are core to sales for exhibitors because it is the only communication platform that includes web, social media, press, traditional advertising (behavioral targeting), and promotional activities. Ultimately, all of those activities influence the face to face interaction that lead to business being closed at a tradeshow like METALCON.

Below are 6 traits or reasons why face to face continues to be important to METALCON and it’s 27 year history:

  1. Meeting on a personal level who share a common goal to grow their business in the same industry.
  2. It is a building block for the community. (REGISTER)
  3. Community enables business to thrive and stably expand into the future
  4. Face to face allows exhibitors to get concrete attendee feedback and apply it to future shows products. (PRODUCT SEARCH AT METALCON)
  5. Attendees go to learn and face to face is a prime space or learning. (METALCON EDUCATON SCHEDULE)
  6. Most efficient way to discover new trends and innovators is to meet in person. (EXHIBITOR DIRECTORY)

Do you understand now? Well don’t wait and REGISTER NOW! Using that link I personally will give you free entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this post today!

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