14 Must Do’s at METALCON 2016 in Baltimore


METALCON 2016 in Baltimore is about 3 weeks away and we are extremely excited to see many of you again. I want to remind you that if you have any co-workers, colleagues, friends, or industry followers that wish to attend send them the link on our twitter account for exhibit hall entry at no charge. So let’s get this blog post started already. I am going to give you a list of the top events, things to see, things to participate in at METALCON 2016, see below:

  1. Exhibit Hall – need I say more. Go see all the new products from your favorite manufacturers in the metal construction industry.
  1. MCA Triumph Awards – Purchase your tickets for the industry event of the year. Dinner, cocktails, an awards show, and a chance to rub elbows with the industry’s best. Need tickets click here. _sj_7017r
  1. Oak Ridge National Labs presents AMIE – Rapid innovation through additive manufacturing (3D printing) to connect a natural gas powered hybrid electric vehicle to a high performance building that produces, consumes, and stores renewable energy. Cool right!!
  1. MCA Metal Roofing Championship Games – Contractors compete for cash prizes in challenges sponsored by the MCA, Triangle Fastener, Roof Hugger, New Tech Machinery, Drexel Metals, D.I. Roof Seamers, and S-5! Sign yourself up by calling Mark James 214-213-1070 or send him an email mjames@roofhugger.com metal-roofing-championship-games-logo
  1. The Deck – Stop by and meet METALCON’s Show Management Team. There will most likely be beer available in booth 2061.
  1. Learning Zones (booths 2165 and 2159) – Mini-theaters on the show floor offering quick 15-30 minute instructional sessions on the metal construction industry. Some companies featured include Accurate Perforating, ABIS, ATAS, Distribution International, McElroy Metal, DLLR –Maryland Occupational Safety, and Levi’s. Best part is it’s free education!!
  1. Keynote Wednesday 9am – 9:45am – “Future Design and Technology Trends in Construction” Roderick Jackson from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory will discuss how multiple uses of new technology combine into one package. After the keynote go see AMIE on the floor.
  1. Keynote Thursday 9am – 9:45am – “Castles in the Sand, 3D Printing in Construction” Adam Kushner of KUSHNER Studios brings you a presentation on 3-D additive manufacturing history and its role in the construction industry. You’ll see a real example from Gardiner, NY that you don’t want to miss.
  1. Education Programs – There is quite the variety of educational programs at METALCON this year, do yourself a favor invest in your education. Click here to see more of the offerings.
  1. Metal Roof Installation Certification – Become certified at METALCON in an 8-hour intense program developed by the Metal Construction Association. Stand out from the rest with certification, need we say more. Click here for more information.
  1. Meet Jeff Gordon in Dura Coat’s booth 2207 – While many of us here at METALCON are not NASCAR fans that doesn’t mean we don’t know who Jeff Gordon is. Race fans get ready he will be in Dura Coat’s booth on Wednesday October 26th 2:00pm-4:00pmjeffgordon_aarp1
  1. America’s Fund – METALCON is proud to exclusively support the America’s Fund that is committed to providing much-needed support to financially, physically, and emotionally to our ill or injured veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Make a donation online here or stop by The Deck booth 2061.

13. Celebrate New Tech Machinery – Celebrate New Tech Machinery’s 25th Anniversary on         Wednesday, October 26th from 2-3 PM in booth # 2009 at MetalCon 2016! Food, beer, and cake will be available – I’m in you should be too.

14. Oktoberfest – Around the World – yes we are bringing you Oktoberfest to METALCON. Stop by Triangle Fastener (booth 1515), PPG (booth 2407), and Valspar (booth 2115). Check the METALCON webpage for specific times to their events.

So we hope to see you there, as we have packed a show floor with many things to do. If you’d like to register with free access to the show floor use my link here. Don’t say I’ve never given you anything besides 12 great reasons to be at METALCON this year in Baltimore. See you there.

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