3D, Drones, Awards, and Games Part of 2016 METALCON Plans

metal-roofing-championship-games-logo cropped-metalcon_2016.png

3-D technology, drones, inaugural awards, and metal roofing championship games are just some of the programs under preparation for this year’s METALCON. The event, sponsored by the Metal Construction Association, is slated for October 26-28 in Baltimore. Here is a brief rundown of some special activities recently advertised by MCA: 


On Oct. 26, Roderick Jackson from Oak Ridge National Laboratories demonstrates how a natural gas-powered hybrid vehicle and a solar-powered house are linked to create an integrated energy system―both built using large-scale 3-D printers. On Oct. 27, architect and innovator Adam Kushner takes this type of 3-D additive manufacturing to another step demonstrating how it’s used in building projects and why it could soon become mainstream.

The 45-minute sessions following the general sessions demonstrate existing applications of this technology, along with ideas for better management, marketing, products and techniques to improve metal buildings.

Advances in drones and associated benefits for safety and accuracy on construction projects are covered by Mark Sapp, Chief Technology Officer of HoverStat Technologies in “Safety Above All, Thanks to Drones.”

For additional details and speakers consult the METALCON website.


Do you know someone who deserves some recognition for the impact they have made in the metal construction industry?  From CEO to marketer to salesperson, engineers or even journalist – nearly anyone who could be deemed an industry champion is a possible nominee.  Award categories include:

  • Industry Champion of the Year
  • Industry Young Movers and Shakers
  • Industry Media Executive / Journalist of the Year
  • Industry Salesperson of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year

Contact the MCA for additional details


This year, there will be five challenges each day under the appropriately named theme; “Battle Stars Over Baltimore” in recognition of the “Star Spangled Banner” birthplace. Each day, 5 teams with 2 contestants each will compete to split a $500 cash award in each of the challenges, or $2,500 total each day. In addition to these cash awards, there will be a Grand Prize each day of $500 to the team that has accumulated the most points collectively from the 5 challenges. This represents a total of $6,000 being award over the course of the two-day competition.

The Challenges with each of their sponsoring MCA Members are:

  • The Triangle Fastener Corporation “Screw Gun Challenge”. Contestants will install a series of self-drilling fasteners into a structural zee-shaped purlin member
  • The Roof Hugger, Inc. “Hug A Roof Challenge”. Contestants will install 40 lineal feet of factory-notched zee-shaped sub-purlins on a mock-up existing ribbed metal roof paneled frame.
  • The New Tech Machinery with Drexel Metals “Standing Seam Challenge”. Contestants will install 6 each 16-inch wide metal roof panels over the factory-notched sub-purlins.
  • The D.I. Roof Seamers “Seam It Up Challenge”. Contestants will operate a standing seam roof seamer over the 16-inch wide metal roof panel seams.
  • The S-5! “Let it Snow Challenge”. Contestants will install S-5! ColorGard® snow retention onto the 16-inch metal roof panels.

Judging will be provided by: The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA).

If interested in signing up a team to compete in the competition, contact mca@metalconstruction.org.

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