Beauty of Structural Engineering


Wow some of these are really cool, innovative, and the wave of the future. Look at that image, isn’t it spectacular? So you are probably asking what the heck are we talking about here 

well it’s that time of the year again when the prestigious competition that is run by The Institution of Structural Engineers in London shortlists candidates for the Structural Awards of 2014. The announcement will come on November 14th in London, and include metallic structures, structures built of glass, bridges, and more. Below are a few more images of the structures that have been shortlisted. You can read more about the competition by clicking here.

article-2715672-203E74F500000578-932_964x640 article-2715672-203E74FD00000578-371_964x641 article-2715672-203E750A00000578-190_964x642


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